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Superb skincare doesn’t have to be complicated—or expensive.


Created by world-famous lecturer, researcher and board certified dermatologist, Mr. Lawrence Moy, the Moy Skincare System includes four exclusive formulations for total skincare, day and night. These four products are everything you need to cleanse, tone, rejuvenate, repair and protect your skin!

Gently yet thoroughly cleanses without drying.
Calms active skin with herbs and alpha and beta hydroxy acids.
Relaxes wrinkles and smoothes fine lines around the eyes, forehead and cheeks.
Helps repair and rebuild aging skin on the face and neck—even proven
effective for improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
Contains antioxidants that consume free radicals and helps repair and protect from environmental damage.

Four Steps to Younger, Smoother, More Beautiful Skin:

Step 1: The Balancing Cleanser

A gentle yet thorough formulation that cleanses and calms the skin, the Moy Balancing Cleanser contains beta-hydroxy acids to rejeuvenate and exfoliate your complexion and helps to control and prevent acne. Use morning and evening.

Step 2: The Skin Lifting Serum

Some patients have called it “Botox in a bottle,” and it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the Moy Skincare arsenal. The patented Skin Lift Serum contains neuropeptides that help to relax and smooth wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes and forehead. Results are optimal in 2-4 weeks. Use morning and evening after the Balancing Cleanser.

Step 3: The Renewal Cream

Moy Skincare’s Renewal Cream helps renew, tighten and repair damaged skin. This patented formulation contains Regenetrol , which has proven highly effective in the treatment of scars and stretch marks. You’ll love what it can do for your face and neck. You may use it morning and evening after applying the Moy Skin Lifting Serum.

Step 4: The Ultimate Antioxidant Vitamin Infusion with SPF 15

This unique formulation contains a high concentration of antioxidant agents that help to both protect and repair skin from environmental damage. The Ultimate Antioxidant Vitamin Infusion works to actually consume free radicals and reverse the effects of aging and sun damage. Use it in the morning after applying your Moy Skin Lifting Serum.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: If you’re not 100% delighted with the results you’ll achieve with the Moy Skincare System, simply return it for a complete refund. Your satisfaction is our priority!