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Dr. Lawrence Moy answers questions about the Moy Skincare System and what sets it apart.

Q. What makes the Moy Skincare System unique?
A. First of all, my background in dermatological research puts me in an advantageous position to formulate products that really work. And I’ve worked with just about everything on the market today, including herbs and other organic ingredients, so I really know what works.

Q. What was your objective for the Moy Skincare System?
A. My goal was to develop a simple but effective system of care for aging skin. For the majority of people, good skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. My skincare system contains formulations that are strong enough to be truly effective, but at the same time, they’re gentle enough for most types of skin. Women—and men—of varying ages and racial backgrounds use my system with great success.

Q. Have the products been subjected to laboratory testing?
A. All the ingredients used in the line have been repeatedly tested and studied for several years. We experimented with different formulas and concentrations until we arrived what I believe is one of the most effective, non-prescription product lines for the treatment of aging skin on the market. And the response from my patients and other customers has been very, very positive.

Q. Is the Moy Skincare System appropriate for men to use?
A. Absolutely. The system is equally effective for men. The challenge is simply getting men to recognize that their aging skin needs attention, too. But that’s starting to change.

Q. Is Moy Skincare safe for all skin types?
A. Yes, it’s formulated to be effective but safe for different types of skin. For oilier skin types, we may recommend using Renewal Cream only in the evening, after application of the Skin Lifting Serum, but our experience has been that irritation is a rare occurrence.

Q. What kinds of ingredients go into the Moy Skincare System?
A. Our formulations include organic, natural and patented ingredients, including ginseng, licorice root, neuropeptides, antioxidants, and alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

Q. Will you be adding to your product line in the near future?
A. Absolutely. We’re currently working on some high-intensity moisturizers, as well as a line of full-block sunscreens. And, of course, we also offer outstanding products for combating stretch marks and acne.